Die besten Trance/Techno Lieder

Diskutiere Die besten Trance/Techno Lieder im Musik-Ecke Forum im Bereich Home Entertainment; Alice DeeJay - Will I Ever Blank & Jones - The Nightfly Fragma - Tocaras Miracle (oder so ähnlich) Motte & Westbam - Loveparade 2000 ...

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    Alice DeeJay - Will I Ever
    Blank & Jones - The Nightfly
    Fragma - Tocaras Miracle (oder so ähnlich)
    Motte & Westbam - Loveparade 2000


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    AW: Die besten Trance/Techno Lieder

    Schau mal hier vielleicht findest Du was brauchbares: www.geocities.com/assi_83119/TschopalHTML-Playlistdance.html

    MfG Tschopal
    Wenn einem das Wasser bis zum Hals steht, dann sollte man nicht den Kopf hängen lassen!

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    AW: Die besten Trance/Techno Lieder

    Auch die Liste stelle ich hier direkt rein.

    MfG Choco

    666 - Alarma
    AWeX - Back on plastic
    Aphrodelics - Rollin on chrome
    Ayla - Atlantis
    BBE - Desire
    BBE - Photo
    Beam & Yanou - On Y Va (Kosmonova Dream Mix)
    Boss - Time to make the floor burn
    Brooklyn Bounce - Get ready to bounce
    Brooklyn Bounce - The Theme
    Bruno Sanchioni - The new Age.mp3
    C.M. - Dream Universe.mp3
    Central Seven - The Opera.mp3
    Charly Lownoise & Mental Theo - Fantasy world.mp3
    Charly Lownoise & Mental Theo - Hardcore feelings.mp3
    Charly Lownoise & Mental Theo - Stars.mp3
    Cyclone Tracy - Guide to Eternity.mp3
    DJ Quicksilver - Bellissima.mp3
    DJ Quicksilver - Free.mp3
    DJ Silk - Theme from Milinium.mp3
    DJ Visage - Formula '98.mp3
    DJ Visage - Formula.mp3
    DJ Zuul - It's the Day after the Party.mp3
    DJ the Crow - Piece of Mine.mp3
    DR. Motte and Westbam - Sunshine.mp3
    Dancer Reaction - Disco train.mp3
    Danceraction - Discotrain.mp3
    Disco Citizens - Footprint.mp3
    Disco Nation - Boom da' Sound.mp3
    Double Vision - Knockin.mp3
    Groove Gansters - Funky beats.mp3
    Imperio - Quo vadis.mp3
    Kai Tracid - Your own reality.mp3
    Future Breeze - Why don't you dance with me.mp3
    Groove Club - Peace & Love.mp3
    Groovezone - Eisbär.mp3
    Guya Reg - No Time.mp3
    Hypnotic Beat - Funky Divas.mp3
    Klubbheads - Discoshopping.mp3
    Kosmonova - Celebrate.mp3
    Legend B. - Lost in love.mp3
    DJ Acid - Dance machine.mp3
    M.R. - To France.mp3
    Mach 1 - Roadrunner.mp3
    Mark van Dale - Water Verve (DJ Quicksilver Remix).mp3
    Marusha - It takes me away.mp3
    Max DeeJay - Rythm is a Dancer.mp3
    Max Deejay - 2(the Vipes).mp3
    Members of Mayday - Save the robots.mp3
    Members of Mayday - We are different.mp3
    Members of Mayday - Sonic empire.mp3
    Paffendorf - Smile.mp3
    Nalin & Kane - Beachball.mp3
    Offshore - Chicane.mp3
    Original Sound Project - Conquest of paradise.mp3
    Perplexer - Church of house.mp3
    Porn Kings - Amour.mp3
    RED 5 - For this World.mp3
    RMB - Break the Silence.mp3
    RMB - Spring.mp3
    ROOS - Instant Moments.mp3
    Robert Miles - In my dreams.mp3
    Andora - Blade runner.mp3
    Shahin & Simon - The Rebel.mp3
    Shahn & Simon - Do the right thing.mp3
    Space Frog - Follow me.mp3
    Star Wash - Disco fans.mp3
    Sash - Encore Une Fois.mp3
    DJ Jean - The launch.mp3
    Taucher - Fantasy.mp3
    The Prodigy - No good.mp3
    The Sign - Words.mp3
    Three'n One - Reflect.mp3
    Triple S. - Keep your Hand.mp3
    Ventura - Electrified.mp3
    Vertigo - Oxygene.mp3
    2 Unlimeted - No limit.mp3
    Aurora Borealis - The milky way.mp3
    Babe Instinct - Disco babes from outer space.mp3
    Beat Box - Dial M for Moguai.mp3
    Boney M & Hornys United - Ma Baker.mp3
    Das Boot (Techno Vers).mp3
    DJ Quicksilver - Deep in motion.mp3
    DJ Quicksilver - Believe.mp3
    DJ Errik - Jam on the moon.mp3
    DJ Quicksilver - I love you 7 days a week.mp3
    DJ Sakin & Friends - No mans land.mp3
    DJ Sammy feat. Carisma - In 2 Eternity.mp3
    Kay Cee - Love Stimulation.mp3
    i.o.u. - Ghettoblasta.mp3
    Klubheads - Kickin Hard.mp3
    Koala - Planet Blue.mp3
    Miss Jane - It´s a fine day.mp3
    Sharam - Anytime is party time.mp3
    Schiller - Das Glockenspiel.mp3
    Westbam - Beat box rocker.mp3
    Westbam - Celebration Generation.mp3
    Yves Deruyter - To the Rhythm.mp3
    Members of Mayday - Soundtropolis.mp3
    Mr. X & Mr. Y - New world order.mp3
    Mr. Oizo - Flat beat.mp3
    Piet Blank & Jaspa Jones - Cream.mp3
    Warmduscher - Auf die Fresse.mp3
    Tangue Forest - And you got the F...Nerve to call me coloured.mp3
    Brooklyn Bounce - The real bass.mp3
    Dr. Droste - ...Ohhh... Hörst du mich.mp3
    Marusha - Somewhere over the rainbow.mp3
    Niels Van Gogh - Pulverturm.mp3
    Raver´s Nature - Take Off (Raver´s Nature Remix).mp3
    Storm - Huri-Khan.mp3
    Technotronic - Like this.mp3
    Vincent De Moor - Between 2 fires.mp3
    Aquagen - Ihr seid so leise.mp3
    Aquagen - Ihr seid so leise (extended-version).mp3
    Astral Projection - Kabalah.mp3
    ATB - Killer.mp3
    ATB released by R2DSTEW - Don't stop [airplay edit].mp3
    Ayla - Vegas.mp3
    Brooklyn Bounce - Contact.mp3
    Console - 14 zero zero.mp3
    Cosmic Gate - The drums.mp3
    Deftones - My own summer.mp3
    Delerium - Silence.mp3
    Der Verfall - Vater Unser (Clubpredigt Unz.).mp3
    DJ Quicksilver - Cosmophobia.mp3
    DJ Juergen and Alice DeeJay - Back in my life.mp3
    Charly Lownoise & Mental Theo - Wonderful days.mp3
    DJ Sakin - Nightmare.mp3
    DJ Taylor & Flow - Gott tanzte.mp3
    DJ Taylor & The Flow - Gott tanzte (Jingle).mp3
    DJ Taylor & The Flow - Gott tanzte (Millenium Club Radio).mp3
    DJ Tomekk vs Grandmaster Flash - 1,2,3...Rhymes Galore.mp3
    Double Vision - Love me now.mp3
    Enomine - Vater Unser (Extended).mp3
    Gigi D' Agostino - Bla Bla Bla.mp3
    Lautsprecher - Mach ma lauter.mp3
    Lock 'n' Load - Blow ya mind.mp3
    Mark' Oh vs John Davies - Your love.mp3
    Mellow Trax - Outa space.mp3
    Mellow Trax - Kickin bass.mp3
    Mellow Trax - Psychopath.mp3
    ModernTrax - Higher and higher (hewies club mix).mp3
    ModernTrax - The age of love (club mix).mp3
    Schiller - Ruhe.mp3
    Scoop - Drop it.mp3
    Tom Jones & Mousse T. - Sexbomb.mp3
    Thomas Schumacher - Ficken.mp3
    Virtual Zone - Into temptation.mp3
    DJ Asan - Techno vibes.mp3
    DJ Darkzone - Des Teufels Antwort.mp3
    DJ Marteau - The big fight.mp3
    DJ Quicksilver - Back on track.mp3
    Faithless - God is a DJ.mp3
    Metallica and DJ Spooky - For whom the bells toll.mp3
    Methadone + ACDC (Live @ Goldm - Frenzal Rhomb - (Live @ Goldmans).mp3
    Zombi Nation - Kernkraft 400.mp3
    U96 - Das Boot 2001.mp3
    Ayla - Liebe (ATB-remix).mp3
    Aquagen - Partyalarm Alarm Mix.mp3
    Ayla - Singularity brainchild 2 (Ayla mix).mp3
    A.I.D.A - Merrit.mp3
    Age Control - Mr. Vain (Short Cut).mp3
    Alpha Breed - Epic future.mp3
    Annacotha - Snuff city.mp3
    Antiloop - In My Mind.mp3
    Aquagen - Partyalarm alarm (mix).mp3
    Art of Trance - Breathe.mp3
    Astral Projection - Fly.mp3
    Astral Projection - Mahadeva.mp3
    Astral Projection - Unknown.mp3
    Astral Projection and Mfg. - The Sleeper Must Awake.mp3
    ATB - The summer.mp3
    Blank & Jones - Wake Up.mp3
    Boom Device - Yesterday's ente.mp3
    Brooklyn Bounce - Hack the planet.mp3
    BT & Sasha - Ride.mp3
    Chemical Brothers - Hey Boy, Hey Girl (short).mp3
    Chemical Brothers - Hey Boy, Hey Girl.mp3
    Derrick May - Masterplan.mp3
    DJ Carezze - Hardcore Mode.mp3
    DJ Carezze - Life Is Free, Use It.mp3
    DJ Isabelle - Why don't you fuck me now.mp3
    DJ Jean - Love come here.mp3
    DJ Jürgen - Day dream.mp3
    DJ Jürgen - Higher and higher.mp3
    DJ Jürgen - Magica - Magica.mp3
    DJ Nitro - My eyes.mp3
    DJ Stephen - Words of love.mp3
    DJ Taylor and Flow - Exzess [Der Verfall Remix].mp3
    Dr. Motte and Westbam - Love Parade 2000.mp3
    Generation X - Odessey.mp3
    HH - I.C.E. 794.mp3
    HP Source - Slide.mp3
    Jaimy & Kenny D - Keep on touch.mp3
    Kai Tracid - Dance for eternity.mp3
    Lightforce - Gate III.mp3
    Lightforce - Take Your Time.mp3
    Madison Avenue - Don't call me baby.mp3
    Mauro Picotto - Komodo.mp3
    Members of Mayday - Datapop.mp3
    Motorcraft - Eternity.mp3
    N-Trance - Shake ya body.mp3
    Oreon Groove Project - World O.mp3
    Paffendorf - Call Me Now (Radio Mix).mp3
    Paffendorf - Where are you.mp3
    Paul van Dyk - Blauer Himmel Mix.mp3
    Sandstorm - Time to burn (original).mp3
    Southside Spinners - Luvstruck.mp3
    Spoiled & Zigo - More & more.mp3
    System F - Cry.mp3
    The Dentist - Scream painless.mp3
    Westbam - Raving society.mp3
    York - OTB (On the beach).mp3
    Zombie Nation - Abflex user.mp3
    Zombie Nation - Cars.mp3
    Zombie Nation - Glam 25.mp3
    Zombie Nation - Rythm box.mp3
    Zombie Nation - Sometimes up.mp3
    Zombie Nation - The Stand.mp3
    Zombie Nation - Tv control.mp3
    Zombie Nation - Velcrosquat light.mp3
    Lock 'n' Load - Blow ya mind(long).mp3

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    R A L F

    AW: Die besten Trance/Techno Lieder

    Was kennt ihr da so. ich brach mal wider was zum saugen.


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    AW: Die besten Trance/Techno Lieder

    saug einfach unsere Page leer und du hast alles was du brauchst!

    @ Tschopal: nette Playlist,ein bisschen sehr kommerz aber paar gute sachen dabei!

    greetz SuperAndi
    Member @ Soundrevolution http://soundrevolution.da.ru

    [Dieser Beitrag wurde von SuperAndi am 17. August 2000 editiert.]

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    AW: Die besten Trance/Techno Lieder

    Wie Kommerz?????

    MfG Tschopal
    Wenn einem das Wasser bis zum Hals steht, dann sollte man nicht den Kopf hängen lassen!

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    AW: Die besten Trance/Techno Lieder

    ich sag nur: Nils van Gogh,DJ Quicksilver,...

    aber wie gsagt,ist minimal,sind auch echt geile Teile dabei!

    greetz SuperAndi
    Member @ Soundrevolution

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