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Thema: Die besten Trance/Techno Lieder Alice DeeJay - Will I Ever Blank & Jones - The Nightfly Fragma - Tocaras Miracle (oder so ähnlich) Motte & Westbam -...

  1. Alice DeeJay - Will I Ever
    Blank & Jones - The Nightfly
    Fragma - Tocaras Miracle (oder so ähnlich)
    Motte & Westbam - Loveparade 2000

  2. Schau mal hier vielleicht findest Du was brauchbares: www.geocities.com/assi_83119/TschopalHTML-Playlistdance.html

    MfG Tschopal
    Wenn einem das Wasser bis zum Hals steht, dann sollte man nicht den Kopf hängen lassen!
  3. Auch die Liste stelle ich hier direkt rein.

    MfG Choco

    666 - Alarma
    AWeX - Back on plastic
    Aphrodelics - Rollin on chrome
    Ayla - Atlantis
    BBE - Desire
    BBE - Photo
    Beam & Yanou - On Y Va (Kosmonova Dream Mix)
    Boss - Time to make the floor burn
    Brooklyn Bounce - Get ready to bounce
    Brooklyn Bounce - The Theme
    Bruno Sanchioni - The new Age.mp3
    C.M. - Dream Universe.mp3
    Central Seven - The Opera.mp3
    Charly Lownoise & Mental Theo - Fantasy world.mp3
    Charly Lownoise & Mental Theo - Hardcore feelings.mp3
    Charly Lownoise & Mental Theo - Stars.mp3
    Cyclone Tracy - Guide to Eternity.mp3
    DJ Quicksilver - Bellissima.mp3
    DJ Quicksilver - Free.mp3
    DJ Silk - Theme from Milinium.mp3
    DJ Visage - Formula '98.mp3
    DJ Visage - Formula.mp3
    DJ Zuul - It's the Day after the Party.mp3
    DJ the Crow - Piece of Mine.mp3
    DR. Motte and Westbam - Sunshine.mp3
    Dancer Reaction - Disco train.mp3
    Danceraction - Discotrain.mp3
    Disco Citizens - Footprint.mp3
    Disco Nation - Boom da' Sound.mp3
    Double Vision - Knockin.mp3
    Groove Gansters - Funky beats.mp3
    Imperio - Quo vadis.mp3
    Kai Tracid - Your own reality.mp3
    Future Breeze - Why don't you dance with me.mp3
    Groove Club - Peace & Love.mp3
    Groovezone - Eisbär.mp3
    Guya Reg - No Time.mp3
    Hypnotic Beat - Funky Divas.mp3
    Klubbheads - Discoshopping.mp3
    Kosmonova - Celebrate.mp3
    Legend B. - Lost in love.mp3
    DJ Acid - Dance machine.mp3
    M.R. - To France.mp3
    Mach 1 - Roadrunner.mp3
    Mark van Dale - Water Verve (DJ Quicksilver Remix).mp3
    Marusha - It takes me away.mp3
    Max DeeJay - Rythm is a Dancer.mp3
    Max Deejay - 2(the Vipes).mp3
    Members of Mayday - Save the robots.mp3
    Members of Mayday - We are different.mp3
    Members of Mayday - Sonic empire.mp3
    Paffendorf - Smile.mp3
    Nalin & Kane - Beachball.mp3
    Offshore - Chicane.mp3
    Original Sound Project - Conquest of paradise.mp3
    Perplexer - Church of house.mp3
    Porn Kings - Amour.mp3
    RED 5 - For this World.mp3
    RMB - Break the Silence.mp3
    RMB - Spring.mp3
    ROOS - Instant Moments.mp3
    Robert Miles - In my dreams.mp3
    Andora - Blade runner.mp3
    Shahin & Simon - The Rebel.mp3
    Shahn & Simon - Do the right thing.mp3
    Space Frog - Follow me.mp3
    Star Wash - Disco fans.mp3
    Sash - Encore Une Fois.mp3
    DJ Jean - The launch.mp3
    Taucher - Fantasy.mp3
    The Prodigy - No good.mp3
    The Sign - Words.mp3
    Three'n One - Reflect.mp3
    Triple S. - Keep your Hand.mp3
    Ventura - Electrified.mp3
    Vertigo - Oxygene.mp3
    2 Unlimeted - No limit.mp3
    Aurora Borealis - The milky way.mp3
    Babe Instinct - Disco babes from outer space.mp3
    Beat Box - Dial M for Moguai.mp3
    Boney M & Hornys United - Ma Baker.mp3
    Das Boot (Techno Vers).mp3
    DJ Quicksilver - Deep in motion.mp3
    DJ Quicksilver - Believe.mp3
    DJ Errik - Jam on the moon.mp3
    DJ Quicksilver - I love you 7 days a week.mp3
    DJ Sakin & Friends - No mans land.mp3
    DJ Sammy feat. Carisma - In 2 Eternity.mp3
    Kay Cee - Love Stimulation.mp3
    i.o.u. - Ghettoblasta.mp3
    Klubheads - Kickin Hard.mp3
    Koala - Planet Blue.mp3
    Miss Jane - It´s a fine day.mp3
    Sharam - Anytime is party time.mp3
    Schiller - Das Glockenspiel.mp3
    Westbam - Beat box rocker.mp3
    Westbam - Celebration Generation.mp3
    Yves Deruyter - To the Rhythm.mp3
    Members of Mayday - Soundtropolis.mp3
    Mr. X & Mr. Y - New world order.mp3
    Mr. Oizo - Flat beat.mp3
    Piet Blank & Jaspa Jones - Cream.mp3
    Warmduscher - Auf die Fresse.mp3
    Tangue Forest - And you got the F...Nerve to call me coloured.mp3
    Brooklyn Bounce - The real bass.mp3
    Dr. Droste - ...Ohhh... Hörst du mich.mp3
    Marusha - Somewhere over the rainbow.mp3
    Niels Van Gogh - Pulverturm.mp3
    Raver´s Nature - Take Off (Raver´s Nature Remix).mp3
    Storm - Huri-Khan.mp3
    Technotronic - Like this.mp3
    Vincent De Moor - Between 2 fires.mp3
    Aquagen - Ihr seid so leise.mp3
    Aquagen - Ihr seid so leise (extended-version).mp3
    Astral Projection - Kabalah.mp3
    ATB - Killer.mp3
    ATB released by R2DSTEW - Don't stop [airplay edit].mp3
    Ayla - Vegas.mp3
    Brooklyn Bounce - Contact.mp3
    Console - 14 zero zero.mp3
    Cosmic Gate - The drums.mp3
    Deftones - My own summer.mp3
    Delerium - Silence.mp3
    Der Verfall - Vater Unser (Clubpredigt Unz.).mp3
    DJ Quicksilver - Cosmophobia.mp3
    DJ Juergen and Alice DeeJay - Back in my life.mp3
    Charly Lownoise & Mental Theo - Wonderful days.mp3
    DJ Sakin - Nightmare.mp3
    DJ Taylor & Flow - Gott tanzte.mp3
    DJ Taylor & The Flow - Gott tanzte (Jingle).mp3
    DJ Taylor & The Flow - Gott tanzte (Millenium Club Radio).mp3
    DJ Tomekk vs Grandmaster Flash - 1,2,3...Rhymes Galore.mp3
    Double Vision - Love me now.mp3
    Enomine - Vater Unser (Extended).mp3
    Gigi D' Agostino - Bla Bla Bla.mp3
    Lautsprecher - Mach ma lauter.mp3
    Lock 'n' Load - Blow ya mind.mp3
    Mark' Oh vs John Davies - Your love.mp3
    Mellow Trax - Outa space.mp3
    Mellow Trax - Kickin bass.mp3
    Mellow Trax - Psychopath.mp3
    ModernTrax - Higher and higher (hewies club mix).mp3
    ModernTrax - The age of love (club mix).mp3
    Schiller - Ruhe.mp3
    Scoop - Drop it.mp3
    Tom Jones & Mousse T. - Sexbomb.mp3
    Thomas Schumacher - Ficken.mp3
    Virtual Zone - Into temptation.mp3
    DJ Asan - Techno vibes.mp3
    DJ Darkzone - Des Teufels Antwort.mp3
    DJ Marteau - The big fight.mp3
    DJ Quicksilver - Back on track.mp3
    Faithless - God is a DJ.mp3
    Metallica and DJ Spooky - For whom the bells toll.mp3
    Methadone + ACDC (Live @ Goldm - Frenzal Rhomb - (Live @ Goldmans).mp3
    Zombi Nation - Kernkraft 400.mp3
    U96 - Das Boot 2001.mp3
    Ayla - Liebe (ATB-remix).mp3
    Aquagen - Partyalarm Alarm Mix.mp3
    Ayla - Singularity brainchild 2 (Ayla mix).mp3
    A.I.D.A - Merrit.mp3
    Age Control - Mr. Vain (Short Cut).mp3
    Alpha Breed - Epic future.mp3
    Annacotha - Snuff city.mp3
    Antiloop - In My Mind.mp3
    Aquagen - Partyalarm alarm (mix).mp3
    Art of Trance - Breathe.mp3
    Astral Projection - Fly.mp3
    Astral Projection - Mahadeva.mp3
    Astral Projection - Unknown.mp3
    Astral Projection and Mfg. - The Sleeper Must Awake.mp3
    ATB - The summer.mp3
    Blank & Jones - Wake Up.mp3
    Boom Device - Yesterday's ente.mp3
    Brooklyn Bounce - Hack the planet.mp3
    BT & Sasha - Ride.mp3
    Chemical Brothers - Hey Boy, Hey Girl (short).mp3
    Chemical Brothers - Hey Boy, Hey Girl.mp3
    Derrick May - Masterplan.mp3
    DJ Carezze - Hardcore Mode.mp3
    DJ Carezze - Life Is Free, Use It.mp3
    DJ Isabelle - Why don't you fuck me now.mp3
    DJ Jean - Love come here.mp3
    DJ Jürgen - Day dream.mp3
    DJ Jürgen - Higher and higher.mp3
    DJ Jürgen - Magica - Magica.mp3
    DJ Nitro - My eyes.mp3
    DJ Stephen - Words of love.mp3
    DJ Taylor and Flow - Exzess [Der Verfall Remix].mp3
    Dr. Motte and Westbam - Love Parade 2000.mp3
    Generation X - Odessey.mp3
    HH - I.C.E. 794.mp3
    HP Source - Slide.mp3
    Jaimy & Kenny D - Keep on touch.mp3
    Kai Tracid - Dance for eternity.mp3
    Lightforce - Gate III.mp3
    Lightforce - Take Your Time.mp3
    Madison Avenue - Don't call me baby.mp3
    Mauro Picotto - Komodo.mp3
    Members of Mayday - Datapop.mp3
    Motorcraft - Eternity.mp3
    N-Trance - Shake ya body.mp3
    Oreon Groove Project - World O.mp3
    Paffendorf - Call Me Now (Radio Mix).mp3
    Paffendorf - Where are you.mp3
    Paul van Dyk - Blauer Himmel Mix.mp3
    Sandstorm - Time to burn (original).mp3
    Southside Spinners - Luvstruck.mp3
    Spoiled & Zigo - More & more.mp3
    System F - Cry.mp3
    The Dentist - Scream painless.mp3
    Westbam - Raving society.mp3
    York - OTB (On the beach).mp3
    Zombie Nation - Abflex user.mp3
    Zombie Nation - Cars.mp3
    Zombie Nation - Glam 25.mp3
    Zombie Nation - Rythm box.mp3
    Zombie Nation - Sometimes up.mp3
    Zombie Nation - The Stand.mp3
    Zombie Nation - Tv control.mp3
    Zombie Nation - Velcrosquat light.mp3
    Lock 'n' Load - Blow ya mind(long).mp3
  4. Was kennt ihr da so. ich brach mal wider was zum saugen.

  5. saug einfach unsere Page leer und du hast alles was du brauchst!

    @ Tschopal: nette Playlist,ein bisschen sehr kommerz aber paar gute sachen dabei!

    greetz SuperAndi
    Member @ Soundrevolution http://soundrevolution.da.ru

    [Dieser Beitrag wurde von SuperAndi am 17. August 2000 editiert.]
  6. Wie Kommerz?????

    MfG Tschopal
    Wenn einem das Wasser bis zum Hals steht, dann sollte man nicht den Kopf hängen lassen!
  7. ich sag nur: Nils van Gogh,DJ Quicksilver,...

    aber wie gsagt,ist minimal,sind auch echt geile Teile dabei!

    greetz SuperAndi
    Member @ Soundrevolution
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